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General information
Top-level domain: .enterprises
Country: gTLD
Category: gTLD
Whois server:
Registration policy:

Syntax domain name: minimum x characters, maximum x characters
Minimum registration period: x year
Maximum registration period: x years
IDNs available? not available
Pure number domains available? not available
No local contact required? not available

 Domain registration
Available for everyone? not available
Real time registration? not available
No completion of forms required? not available
No documents required? not available
No special information required? not available

 Domain transfers
Available at PEWEB? not available
With authcode? not available
No e-mail confirmation required? not available
No fax form required? not available

 Special features
 We are able to submit your trademarks to the Trademark Clearinghouse!
Complete the
TMCH application form and count on the support of our experienced team.
Trademark protection during the launch of new gTLDs
Trademarks enjoy a special level of protection under new gTLDs. Every new extension is required to give trademark holders the right to the preferred registration of their trademarks during the so-called Sunrise Phase.
Sunrise is the phase of at least 30 days following the launch of a new gTLD in which trademark holders can register protected trademark keywords as domains. The general public will not be allowed to register during this phase.
Registering a trademark with the Trademark Clearinghouse is required in order to submit an application for the preferred registration of a domain name during the Sunrise Phase of a new gTLD.
As soon as a trademark has been registered in the Clearinghouse, and documents supporting the use of the trademark have been submitted ("Proof of use"), the trademark can be used in the Sunrise Phase of every new gTLD.
Trademark Claims
Be notified when others register domains matching your trademarks
Trademark holders can begin using the Trademark Claims Service at the start of the Open Registration Phase of each new gTLD. When a domain registration is submitted, this service verifies whether a matching entry has already been submitted to the Clearinghouse. If so, the following will take place:
  • Warning sent to the domain registrant: The party attempting to register the domain receives a warning message before the registration completes, notifying them that a corresponding trademark has been registered with the Clearinghouse and that the registration of the domain could potentially violate intellectual property rights.
  • Notification sent to the trademark holder: If the domain registrant decides to complete the domain registration, the trademark holder will receive be notified.
The Trademark Claims Service is expected to be available during the first 90 days of the launch of each new gTLD.
Which trademarks are eligible?
  • Registered trademarks
    To be eligible, a trademark registration must be of at least national effect (includes multi-national trademarks) and must be fully registered, and not revoked, at the time the order is submitted for verification.
  • Court validated marks
    To be eligible, a court-validated mark must refer to a mark that has been validated by a court of law or other judicial proceeding at the national level, such as unregistered (common law) marks and/or well-known marks.
  • Marks protected by statute or treaty
    These marks may include, but are not limited to geographical indications and designations of origin.
The following marks will not be accepted:
  • Trademark applications or applications for protection of a mark;
  • Registered trademarks containing a Top Level Domain ending, such as the trademark "" or ".icann"
  • Registered trademarks starting with or containing a dot (.), such as ".example"
  • Registered trademarks that do not contain any letters, words, numerals, or DNS-valid characters
  • Registered trademarks that were subject to successful invalidation, cancellation, opposition or rectification proceedings
How can I register a trademark with the Trademark Clearinghouse?
PEWEB/EPAG will process the registration of a trademark with the Clearinghouse for your trademarks and for your customers' trademarks as well.
The TMCH has opened for trademark registrations on March 26, 2013. We are currently implementing our automated PEWEB/EPAG Trademark Gateway Interface (ETGI) to the Clearinghouse. Until this is complete, the following order process will apply:
  1. Please use (for the time being) the PDF  TMCH order form, which can be filled out on your computer, and send the signed and completed form to us via fax or e-mail.
  2. You will receive an invoice for the application fee. PEWEB/EPAG Resellers will be invoiced through their existing customer accounts.
  3. Upon receipt of payment, PEWEB/EPAG will check the order for obvious errors before submitting the trademark registration order to the Clearinghouse.
  4. The Clearinghouse will verify the mark information.
  5. If further documents or records are required for verification, the Clearinghouse will request these from PEWEB/EPAG. We will then request these documents or records from your specified contact person in order to return the required documents to the Clearinghouse within 20 days.
  6. After successful verification, the trademark will be entered into the Clearinghouse database and a Signed Mark Declaration (SMD) will be created.
  7. The SMD will be required in order to apply for domains in Sunrise Phases. PEWEB/EPAG will store the SMD file and will make this available to the customer upon request.
 Fee structure Period Application_fee
 Registration of 1 mark in the Trademark Clearinghouse 1 year 201.11 €
 Registration of 1 mark in the Trademark Clearinghouse 3 years 534.31 €
 Registration of 1 mark in the Trademark Clearinghouse 5 years 867.51 €

Our recommendation:
Be early and start to submit your mark to the Clearinghouse now! The registration period of the mark in the TMCH begins only once the first Sunrise phase starts. By submitting trademarks early, you make sure to have the registration process completed by the time the first Sunrise starts without any additional cost.

We recommend to register a minimum period of 3 years to make sure the registration in the Clearinghouse covers the whole length of the introduction period of new gTLDs.

The fee mentioned here includes the verification and, where successful, registration of one (1) trademark with the Trademark Clearinghouse for the requested timeframe. A registration includes protection for up to 10 trademark keywords, or labels, which are strings directly generated according to an algorithm. Application fees cannot be refunded, regardless of the success or failure of the application. If, before being submitted to the TMCH, the registration order for a trademark is determined to be invalid, this trademark can be replaced by a valid trademark (one time only).

Please note, submitting pre-registration orders for domain names differs from submitting trademarks to the TMCH. Pre-registration orders would only demonstrate the intent to register a domain and will not actually reserve that domain at the registry.
Pre-registration orders can only be submitted during the Open Registration phase of a new gTLD Launch, which occurs after any applicable Sunrise and Landrush Phases. PEWEB/EPAG will accept pre-registration orders for specific new gTLDs once an exact launch schedule has been published for that TLD.

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