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+55.8596781444 +31.850110111
General information
Top-level domain: .sx
Country: Sint Maarten
Category: South America
Whois server: http://whois.registry.s....
Registration policy: http://www.registry.s.....

Syntax domain name: minimum 3 characters, maximum 63 characters
Minimum registration period: 1 year
Maximum registration period: 5 years
IDNs available? not available
Pure number domains available? available
No local contact required? available
Trustee service available through PEWEB? not available

 Domain registration
Available for everyone? available
Real time registration? available
No completion of forms required? available
No documents required? available
No special information required? available

 Domain transfers
Available at PEWEB? available
With authcode? not available
No e-mail confirmation required? available
No fax form required? not available

 Special features
  • November 15, 2012 Philipsburg, Sint Maarten – SX Registry is pleased to announce that as of November 15th, 2012, after successful Sunrise, Local Priority and Landrush periods, the .SX Registry opens to the whole world.
  • Restricted – Restricted Domain Names are names whose use is restricted for various reasons. Such reasons may be that the Domain Name represents a protected organizations' names, features, services or simply that it is a banned Domain Name. It may also be esreved for future internal use of the registry. Premium – Premium Domain Names are Domain Names that may be sold at a higher price due to their high traffic value. Reserved – Reserved Domain Names are Domain Names that are currently off the market, yet may be released at a later date, either on an auction basis or as Premium Domain Names



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