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gTLD > .post

General information
Top-level domain: .post
Country: Switserland
Category: gTLD
Whois server:
Registration policy:

Syntax domain name: minimum 1 characters, maximum 63 characters
Minimum registration period: 1 year
Maximum registration period: 2 years
IDNs available? not available
Pure number domains available? available
No local contact required? available
Trustee service available through PEWEB? not available

 Domain registration
Available for everyone? available members community only
Real time registration? not available
No completion of forms required? not available
No documents required? not available
No special information required? available

 Domain transfers
Available at PEWEB? available
With authcode? not available
No e-mail confirmation required? not available
No fax form required? not available

 Special features
  • The .post registry is currently accepting registrations from qualified organizations within the .post-sponsored community. Prospective applicants for .post domains have to belong to a pre-defined group from the postal community. The main ones are the UPU, its member countries, restricted unions and designated operators.
  • .post is the first sponsored top-level domain to utilize Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC), a set of codes for securing the Domain Name System (DNS), the global database system that translates a computer's fullyqualified domain name into an Internet Protocol (IP) address. The security extensions help to prevent phishing and other cybercrimes by signing and authenticating legitimate websites. Public key cryptography is incorporated into the DNS hierarchy to form a chain of trust originating at the root zone. DNSSEC is crucial to the .post platform, as the UPU aims to build a secure and trusted space on the internet for e-commerce, e-government and electronic postal services provided by the postal industry. Using .post DNSSEC domain names is crucial for any postal organization that conducts highly sensitive data transactions on their websites or wants to ensure traffic to their legitimate website and not a scam one



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