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General information
Top-level domain: .fo
Country: Faroe Islands
Category: Europe
Whois server: .....
Registration policy:

Syntax domain name: minimum 2 characters, maximum 63 characters
Minimum registration period: 1 year
Maximum registration period: 2 years
IDNs available? not available
Pure number domains available? available
No local contact required? not available

 Domain registration
copy pasportpasport details
Available for everyone? available
Real time registration? not available
No completion of forms required? not available
No documents required? not available
No special information required? available

 Domain transfers
Available at PEWEB? available
With authcode? not available
No e-mail confirmation required? available
No fax form required? available

 Special features
  • Natural persons or legal entities that are not reg istered in the Faroe Islands may only register brand names, trademarks or service marks that are r egistered according to article 4.1, a
  • 1. To prove that the applicant has a legal right to a Group A domain name, upon application supporting documentation shall be submitted from the authorities listed in sub-paragraph a) through c) warranting. a) the brand name, trademark or service mark of the ap plicant by an international validated trade mark register such as the Danish Patent and T rademark Office, and for example The Trade Marks and Designs, Registration Office of the European Union (OHIM) or World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). b) the name of the applicant by the Faroese Business R egistration Office or the Faroeses Ship Registry maintained by the Maritime Affairs Adminis tration; c) the personal name of the applicant by the National Resident Register in such manner as both forename(s) and last name are written out or in suc h a manner that either the forename or the last name is abbreviated. The applicant may registe r as well his or her birth date using either numbers, letters or a combination of both.



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