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Congo> .cg

General information
Top-level domain: .cg
Country: Congo
Category: Africa
Whois server:
Registration policy:

Syntax domain name: minimum 3 characters, maximum 63 characters
Minimum registration period: 1 year
Maximum registration period: 1 year
IDNs available? not available
Pure number domains available? available
No local contact required? available

 Domain registration
Available for everyone? available
Real time registration? not available
No completion of forms required? available
No documents required? available
No special information required? available

 Domain transfers
Available at PEWEB? available
With authcode? not available
No e-mail confirmation required? available
No fax form required? not available

 Special features

    However, the foreign entities may register domains in .CG. The policy of NIC is to charge these entities with sizeable fees in order to compensate free registration for local citizens. The foreign entities are not obliged to keep a DNS or an administrative contact in the country. Except those qualified by NIC as restricted or undesirable at NIC's sole discretion, any name may be assigned to these entities.



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