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... the following domain name(s): (max 50 domains each time)


First name *Last name *
Company nameCompany name2
Phone1 *Phone2
Telephone and Fax numbers must be in E164-format, eg. +44.123456789 (no spaces, hyphens, etc)
Email *Email2
VAT/BTW (1)Company-Nr (2)
Company-Date (3)Company-Cty (3)
Street *Street 2
Postal code *City *
Birth Date (4)Birth City
* Required Fields
1 VAT/BTW: Optional, needed for some European domain names
2 Company Number: Optional, in Holland this is KVK, Belgium: ondernemingsnr, Brasil: CNPJ, etc.
3 Company Date/City: Optional, The date and city where the company was registered with
their local government. Format YYYY-MM-DD
4 Birth Date/City: Optional, The birth date and city of the person who is admin, needed for
some domain-registrations. Format YYYY-MM-DD

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